Back in 1978, I was only 3 years old, my father had a big cars restoration shop where he was also fixing new cars by that time, the 2nd generation Pontiac Firebird TRANSAMs were from the most beautiful ones in the 1970s, at 3 years old age I directly felt in love! I thought I could bring one and put it in our garden to play with, and was always asking my father and grand father to bring me one for this purpose!

I bought the first TRANSAM back in 1997, it was a red WS6 1978 with a 400V8 Pontiac engine, I sold it one year later then bought and sold lot of them until I have now in my collection 12 TRANSAMs, 2 CAMAROs and some Corvettes, Buick GS and others.

The target behind this website is to provide all TRANSAM enthusiats a central location where they can buy the TRANSAM they are dreaming of, or other muscle cars, to help them to read all info about these cars year by year, to know and differentiate each type of TRANSAM (Y82, Y84, Y88, Y89 and others), to read and share stories of yourself and others with these wonderful cars.

I don't have a showroom, I don't have this as my business, I am an IT expert in Storage, Backup and Archiving dedicating a big part of my time to my first hobby, these precious wonderful cars. My cars are splitted in 2 locations, one next to my house for my exotic cars making the neighbourhood a wonderful "muscle cars touristic area" :) while the other part are located in the industrial of Abu Dhabi.

I have 2 locations in USA, in Florida and in Michigan, soon I will have another 3 locations in partnership with European friends and investors, one in London, one in Switzerland and one in Germany (still in negotiations).

What I can provide, is selling you:

  1. A brand new show condition restored TRANSAM (click here)
  2. A project car TRANSAM that you can buy for a cheap price and invest on it slowly as per your budget as per the progression of its restoration. (click here)
  3. Some NOS or OEM TRANSAM spare parts from the list of brand new parts that I bring in extra for my cars. (click here)

Thank you for your interest in my site, please send me any comment or feedback that can make your visit to my site more enjoyable.

Elie Kallab

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