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Pontiac Firebird TRANS AM 2nd generation started production by mid 1970, this is why they were mentioned that year by 1970 1/2.
3108 RAM AIR III and 88 RAM AIR IV TRANS AMs marked the first year of production for this wonderful and incredible design car for 1970.
33,313 TRANS AMs were produced in 1981, the last year of production for the second generation. The peak production year was 1979 with a total number of 116,535 cars. The total production number of 2nd generation TRANS AMs from 1970 to 1981 was 458,462 cars, almost half a million.

TRANSAM.ME is specialized in these 2nd generation 1970-81 beauties, selling and buying them, selling some of their parts, sharing info about these cars and sharing your own stories and pictures.

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TRANSAM.ME is a hobby oriented website; the idea was initially to make all TRANS AMs enthusiasts happy through the following:

  • Providing customers with a selection of fine art TRANS AMs, the best in the market, and at the same time providing average and project cars for those who have limited budget that want to buy and build with time.
  • Providing some TRANS AM parts for owners and restorers.
  • Giving all possible info about 1970-81 TRANS AMs that any enthusiast would like to know. From history to production to specs to other details.
  • Posting a big library of TRANS AM pictures sorted by year and color, so every enthusiast can enjoy.
  • Sharing stories of visitors and TRANSAM enthusiasts, you can send us your story and tell us how the love of these legend cars started. A picture or more would be awesome as well.
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